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Site Launch Letter from Brad

In my previous welcome letter back in January, I told you all about the emails I’ve been receiving for years. People have made it abundantly clear to me that they want an MMO that brings back memorable experiences. They want to be challenged again. They want to make new friends and reunite with old friends to work together as a team to overcome difficult environments and encounters. They want us to not forget what made EverQuest and other early MMOs so great. They, like us, strongly believe there’s a real demand for an MMO that builds solidly on the principles of the past, reaching back to EQ 1 and even the MUDs before it. But they also believe, as do we, that such a game must still be modern… modern in terms of the technology used and modern in terms of new ideas, approaches, features and mechanics. On one hand they’re not looking for a game that attempts to be all things to all people, but on the other hand they also don’t want a just re-hash of an earlier MMO with some new graphics thrown into the mix.

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